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Welcome to IIRND
International Institute for Research & Development – IIRND

IIRND is start up organisation. IIRND is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. IIRND an independent R&D Institute, not-for-profit international R&D organisation. IIRND is supported by the R&D World Council and R&D World Forum. IIRND is an international collaborative project and exchange of research results and development to the international community.

IIRND’s R&D’s clients include both small and large R&D technology companies worldwide.

Researchers and executives at R&D labs; clients represent a range of viewpoints in relation to research and development, including contract research organizations, universities, financiers, and commercial entities of all sizes, from small start-ups through to multinational corporations. Their activities cover a range of industries, with a particular focus on pharmaceuticals, healthcare, life sciences and information technologies. IIRND aims to assist the labs to foster academic entrepreneur’s who want to get involved in knowledge-intensive ventures, nucleated at their research institution.

Our firm provides support with all legal aspects of research and development activities, allowing our clients to focus their energy and resources on continued innovation or commercialization of their work. Our clients are involved in developing new products, as well as seeking to discover and create new knowledge for use in developing new products, processes and services and R&D Solutions for promotion and development of Business.

We recognize that there is no single path to commercialization of research and development activity. In light of this, we work closely with our clients to address all technology transfer considerations associated with commercialization of research and development activities. These considerations include financing, licensing, assignment, manufacturing, distribution, intellectual property protection, regulatory requirements (such as information disclosure), royalties, marketing, and consumer safety regulations, among others.

IIRND assist clients to access tax incentives associated with research and development activities. We also support clients with employment matters such as confidentiality agreements and other restrictive covenants to ensure that research and development activities are adequately protected. IIRND’s team regularly collaborates with other practice areas to support our research and development clients including national, foreign and multi-national commercial, industrial and financial enterprises.

IIRND’s R&D’s services and programs can add significant value to the clients of a wide range of organizations offering complementary services, for example: Companies, Industrial organizations, Trade Associations, Venture Capitalists, Tax Advisors, Solicitors, Insolvency Partners, Patent Attorneys, Management Consultants in the realms of Pharmaceuticals Healthcare and Life Sciences; Information Technologies and Telecommunications; Industrial and Manufacturing; Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs; Retail and Consumer Products; Automotive and Parts; Energy, Utilities and Renewable;  Natural Resources, Mining and Metallurgy.

IIRND’s Research Areas and Research centres aim at R&D for sustainable development; to carryout advanced contract research and development in S&T and their societal, scientific, industrial and financial applications; to work closely with the industry leaders; and to engage in advanced development and research projects. Research and Development (R&D) Principles of IIRND:

  • R&D-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – R&DPO
  • Research-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – RPO
  • Development-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – DPO
  • Design-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – DPO
  • Contract Research-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – CRPO
  • Knowledge–Process-Projects-Outsourcng – KPO
  • IT-R&D-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – ITR&DPO

Membership Invitation:

R&D World Council (Membership is open)/APPLICATION FORM is an International Association of R&D Professionals, R&D Individuals, R&D Institutes, and R&D Companies, R&D Firms, R&D Corporate bodies of the world.

R&D World Forum (Membership is open) R&D World Council and R&D World Forum is an International Association of R&D Professionals, R&D Individuals, R&D Institutes, and R&D Companies, R&D Firms, R&D Corporate bodies of the world in the realm of Research and Development (R&D). MEMBERSHIP -APPLICATION FORM

Benifits of the Membership:

To get represented/nominated in various R&D Committees and Working Groups of the R&D World Council and R&D World Forum, International Institute for Research & Development –IIRND, and International Directory of R&D Companies/Firms also to represent/nominate in the Editorial Boards of several R&D journals of IIRND.

As a member you will receive Complimentary/ discounted subscriptions to the following publications in progress:

  1. R&D World Today
  2. R&D World Library Review
  3. R&D World Journal of Sciology
  4. R&D World Journal of Law
  5. R&D World Journal of Statitics
  6. R&D World Journal of Political Science and International Relations
  7. R&D World Journal of Economics
  8. R&D World Journal of Public Administration
  9. R&D World Journal of Education
  10. R&D World Journal of Computer Science
  11. R&D World Journal of Biotechnology
  12. R&D World Journal of Biochemistry
  13. R&D World Journal of Microbiology
  14. R&D World Journal of Applied Physics
  15. R&D World Journal of Mathematics
  16. R&D World Journal of Atronomy
  17. R&D World Journal of Medical Sciences
  18. R&D World Journal of Molecular Biology
  19. R&D World Journal of Chemical Engineering
  20. R&D World Journal of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology
  21. R&D World Journal of Eletronics and Electrical Engineering
  22. R&D World Journal of Green Building Construction Materials and Technologies
  23. R&D World Journal of Food and Agriculture
  24. R&D World Journal of Management
  25. R&D World Journal of Accounting
  26. R&D World Journal of Banking and Finance
  27. R&D World Journal of Business Administration
  28. R&D World Journal of Planning and Architecture
  29. R&D World Journal of Biotechnology
  30. R&D World Journal of Sustainable Development
  31. R&D World Journal of New Energy Development
  32. R&D World Journal of Health Management
  33. R&D World Journal of Bioinformatics
  34. R&D World Journal of Natural Resources
  35. R&D World Journal of Masscommunication & Journalism
  36. R&D World Journal of International Art and Culture

IIRND invites nominations for:

  1. R&D Advisory Board Members (International and National Nominations)
  2. Membership for R&D World Council and R&D World Forum

The IIRND – the nonprofit corporation to make a leading agency for Research and Development n the field of sustainable research and development. It is inviting nominations of suitably experienced persons to be members of its main Boards. The Boards are responsible for the commissioning and management of its research & developmental and training programmes.

Suitable nominees are likely to be:

  • Leading researchers in any R&D subject field with established or eminent international recognition in their field of research
  • Chief Executive Directors or other senior staff from both private and public sector organisations
  • Leaders of postgraduate training and its development

Successful nominees will be appointed for two years initially, with possible renewal for a further two years. The Board meets once or twice in a year in New Delhi, India. Appointees are unpaid but travel expenses and daily fees for some limited dutites, will normally be paid.

Nominations, with a short curriculum vitae should be sent to: President/CEO(Honry), IIRND,
For those who wish to become members of the IIRND – the R & D Society, can become members by sending a short curriculum vitae should be sent to: President/CEO (Honry), IIRND,

IIRND Seeks Financial Support to be Partners, Sponsors, Donors, Trusts, Philanthropic Organisations, Foundations

We are seeking Financial Assistance, Funding Partners, Donors and Philanthropic Organizations to support the mission of IIRND, which has been set up recently needs to moot at least $10 Million to meet its budgetory support for short and long-term periods.

We are seeking Funding Partners, Financial Assistance, Funding Partners, Donors and Philanthropists global community. The broad range and scale of capital projects requires funding from a variety of sources. Through commitment and support from both the public and private sectors to maintain its place as an international leader in research and innovation.

IIRND invites Financial Support in terms of:

  • Procurement of 100 PCs
  • Office Infrastructure Development
  • Land Acquisition,
  • Building Construction
  • Budgetary Support for Research, Education and Training
  • R & D, and Projects

Every penny is countable and accountable to the Donor/ Financial Supporter. Your Financial Support will be very well acknowledged, accountable to you, well publicized in our publications, web site, conferences, workshops, and through other means of communication services.

Please send your financial support in favour of “International Institute of Research & Development”, payable at New Delhi and addressed to:

President/Regional Director(Honry), IIRND
Invitation to the Panel of R&D Professionals in the fields of IIRND
IIRD invites Panel of R&D Professionals for IIRND proposes to prepare a panel of Experts and R&D Professionals, to work for project formulations and presentation of papers relevant t the R&D fields of IIRND, as and when assigned. Interested R&D Professionals may apply giving particulars of experience and giving BioData, details of proects prepared, publications, and other relevant information. Retired Panel of R&D Professionals from the Governments and R&D Institutions and organisations may also apply to:
Search Committee- Panel of R&D Professionals
International Institute for Research and Development -IIRND

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