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Res.Lib.Mgt-Call for BOOK Chapters/Articles

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I am approaching you with an invitation that I am going to publish an edited book with ISBN (peer reviewed) under the proposed title of “Research Library Management:Principles, Practices and Prospects” in March 2017 from a reputed academic publishing house in USA/India.   Librarians/ Researchers/ Teachers are requested to contribute their chapters/ article accordingly. Deadline for sending Chapter/ARTICLE: January, 2017; Please send ARTICLES/ CHAPTERS soft copy to eMail:

Research Library Management:
Principles, Practices and Prospects

  • Research Library Services Practices
  • Digital Depository in Research Library
  • Research Library Scholarly Communication
  • Research Library Scholarly Publishing
  • Research Data Management Policy and Practices
  • Research Library Policies
  • Research Funding Information
  • Research Open Scholarship
  • Research Collections
  • Research Librarians
  • Digital Research Library
  • Scholar and Researcher information needs

Dr Sreenivasulu Vayyavuru
Research Library Director
American Research Library
International Institute for Research and Development-IIRND
833 Broadway
New York, NY10003 United States
Phone: 347-613-4197


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