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About Corporate Fund

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Corporate Fund “R&D Fund”  was established by autonomous research organization “International Institute for Research and Development -IIRND”. It is a non-profit organization in the legal form of a Charity. The Fund was established to provide free material, financial, organizational and other support to the Institute and its R&D Schools in order to help them in achieving their goals through provision of property generated by the Fund on the basis of voluntary contributions and other revenues that are not prohibited by law.



By 2020, the Fund, as a fundraising leader in Scientific Research, R&D Education and Technology will become a significant additional source of financing of the Institute and its R&D Schools


To engage and inspire local and international business enterprises as well as individuals to contribute to education, research and social activities of the Institute and its R&D Schools by donating to the projects and programs of the Institute and its R&D Schools.


Systemic Approach

Developing a system of planned measures, the Fund makes consistent steps forward in order to attract alternative resources for implementation of events/programs/projects of the the Institute and its R&D Schools. Key target areas of donations are “Students’ life”, “Institute staff development”, “Methodical and publishing support of academic process”, “Development of social and technological infrastructure of the the Institute and its R&D Schools ”, “Replenishment of Fund endowment;


During its fundraising activity, the Fund acts honestly and truthfully in order to strengthen the relationship with donors and sponsors and maintain public trust.


During its fundraising activity, the Fund promotes the philosophy of giving in the society and encourages medium enterprises and large scale business to participate in Institute’s  development;


The Fund builds professional and trusting relationships with donors/sponsors. Therefore, it does not have an impact on a decision-making process of donors/sponsors.

“Clean” Money

Public trust and respect for donor and sponsor’s activity/business.

Transparency and Compliance with Donors/Sponsors’ Intentions

The Fund encourages transparency of accountability for the work done, donations management, allocation, and usage, in compliance with donors/sponsors.

Privacy of Donors/Sponsors

The Fund shares personal information about our donors/sponsors on the website only with their permission.
















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