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American Research Library-Connecting Knowledge

American Research Library project is designed to meet the needs of the research community worldwide, our online portal offers quick and easy access to the collections

Users can cross-search and reuse digital items and bibliographic records.

To facilitate further research, links are also provided to other websites

The American Research Library is an aggregator for Americana.


The American Research Library is an independent not-for-profit library services organisation.

The American Research Library’s mission if to be the THE open data hub for library date in America. We partner with libraries, research and learning communities, and infrastructure providers to develop tools and services that maximize library data use. We collect, enrich and innovate with libraries’data and content for the widest possible dissemination.

As an aggregator of both digital collections and bibliographic data, The American Research Library offers a unique set of data from America’s libraries.  We  aim to promote the wider use  and exposure of the collections of our member libraries.

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