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Campus/Chapter Requirements

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IIRND Campus/Chapter Requirements

In order to setup a new Chapter in a local region, there must be a minimum of three IIRND® members that have met all of the requirements stipulated in the IIRND® Chapter Agreement. The following are the general terms and conditions of establishing and maintaining an IIRND® Chapter in a local region.

IIRND Campus/Chapter Starting Requirements
Individuals who would like to initiate a chapter will be required to fill-out an application with other required information and submit it to the IIRND® head office for approval. Once the application is approved and the chapter remains in good standing for three consecutive months. The chapter must submit additional documentation including the chapter bylaws, a petition, proof of selection of the Chapter Board of Directors and names and addresses of the Board members. Any IIRND® members that would like to join the Chapter must be in good standing with the IIRND®.

IIRND Campus/Chapter Maintenance Requirements
The IIRND® Chapter must remain in good standing with the IIRND® head office and fulfill the following requirements:

    1. The Chapter must be in compliance with Chapter Bylaws issued by the IIRND® head office.
    2. It is the Chapter’s responsibility to keep confirming from time to time that members are in good standing with the IIRND® head office.
    3. The Chapter must establish and maintain up-to-date and accurate computerized list of all members including their contact information.
    4. The Chapter must enter into an Affiliation Agreement with the IIRND® head office.
    5. The Chapter must keep the public informed that all trademarks and other materials are owned by the IIRND® head office.
    6. The Chapter must sign a Trademark Usage Agreement with the IIRND® head office to become a licensee of the trademarks owned by the IIRND®.






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