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Charter of R&D Fund

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Goals and Activities of the Fund

Funds activities are based on the principals of autonomy, self-management, collegial decision-making, social responcibility and transparency.

Basic goals of the Fund include:

1) property and funds formation on the basis of voluntary donations in order to provide free material, financial and other support to the the Institute and its R&D Schools and help them to achieve their goals.
2) building effective partnership between the Fund and scientific, educational and business organizations in order to meet the needs and increase efficiency of the University.
3) assistance in the implementation of the Institute and its R&D Schools’ goals.

Raised capital is allocated for endowment building and projects/programs/events financing. The Fund’s capital increases both due to donations and investment revenues.

The subject of the Fund’s activity is:

1)     raising funds (donations, grants, and etc.) from physical and legal entities, public and other organizations, including foreign ones. These funds build
an endowment  for achieving the goals of the Institute and its R&D Schools.

2)     financing research grants for teachers and researchers of the Institute and its R&D Schools

3)     assistance to competitive and high qualified employees of the the Institute and its R&D Schools in funding:

–  graduate and postdoctoral studies, and modular courses

–  internships in the areas of priority for the development of a world-class research the Institute and its R&D Schools

4)      funding of events and programs aimed to a professional development of teachers and administration of the Institute and its R&D Schools.

5)     funding of scholarships, tuition fees, and fellowships for students/trainees at the Institute and its R&D Schools

6)     public assistance for students/trainees, and administrative staff at and its R&D Schools and Institute

7)     building relationships with other organizations, including foreign ones, institutions, and physical entities in order to implement projects that are
aligned with the goals of the Fund.

8)     other activities that are necessary for achieving the goals of the Fund.













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