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The Enterprise Canada Network is your gateway to competitiveness and innovation. Wherever you are in America, you can get access to all the information you need to develop your business and find the right business partners.

The Network offers support and advice to businesses across USA and Canada and helps them make the most of the opportunities in the America. Our services are specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but are also available to all businesses, research centers and Universities across America.

The Enterprise Canada Network is made up of close to 600 partner organisations in more countries, promoting competitiveness and innovation at a local level in USA and beyond.

Whether you need information on Canada legislation, help with technology transfer or finding a business partner, want to benefit from innovation networks in your region or need information on funding opportunities, this is the place to start.


Helping ambitious SMEs innovate and grow internationally

The Enterprise Canada Network helps businesses make the most of business opportunities in the USA, Canada and beyond.

  • Do you need hands on support to take your innovation to market?
  • Do you need sound business advice on international markets?
  • Are you looking for help in finding a commercial partner abroad?

Our solution driven services take innovative ideas to commercial success on international markets.  With a database technology, research and business opportunities we can advise on the best opportunities to expand internationally.










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