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IIRND at a Glance

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Welcome to IIRND
International Institute for Research & Development – IIRND

IIRND is start up organisation. IIRND is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. IIRND an independent R&D Institute, not-for-profit international R&D organisation. IIRND is supported by the R&D World Council and R&D World Forum. IIRND is an international collaborative project and exchange of research results and development to the international community.

IIRND’s Research Areas and Research centres aim at R&D for sustainable development; to carryout advanced contract research and development in S&T and their societal, scientific, industrial and financial applications; to work closely with the industry leaders; and to engage in advanced development and research projects. Research and Development (R&D) Principles of IIRND:

  • R&D-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – R&DPO
  • Research-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – RPO
  • Development-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – DPO
  • Design-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – DPO
  • Contract Research-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – CRPO
  • Knowledge–Process-Projects-Outsourcng – KPO
  • IT-R&D-Process-Projects-Outsourcng – ITR&DPO









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