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IIRND R&D Vision

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The Vision of International Institute for Research and Development –IIRND

      1. To become the leading global provider and promoter of R&D Programs and Services,
      2. Superior, responsive, career-oriented educational service
      3. Supported by exceptional service
      4. Delivered with integrity and accountability

Mission of International Institute for Research and Development –IIRND to promote:

    1. R&D Services, Research for Developmental Service and, Educational Service.
    2. Technical publications that disseminate knowledge.
    3. Conferences and symposia that add value through the first-hand transfer of technical knowledge.
    4. Lifelong learning, education, development and recognition for individual members, institutional stakeholders and the broader workforce.
    5. A global network of students, scientists, engineers, practitioners and institutions
    6. Mutually beneficial government/industry/academic interfaces that provide information for the formation of sound public-policy decisions
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