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The R&D World Council
International Institute for Research and Development-

The R&D World Council is an international collaborative project and exchange of research results and development to the international community. R&D World Council strives to achieve its mission of exploring issues and opportunities that transcend borders through a variety of initiatives in the realm of Research and Development. We strive to promote open, balanced discourse across sectors to better inform on timely matters of global importance.

  1. R&D Live Events: R&D Global experts share their perspectives on the pressing issues of the day.
  2. Promoting R&D Education and Training
  3. R&D Conferences
    • R&D World Summit
    • World Science Congress
    • World Sustainable Development Sumit
    • R&D World Forum
    • Workshops
  4. R&D World Forum
    • R&D World Forum is a international Network of Research and Development professionals, academics and associations foundations. R&D World Forum is globally minded multicultural group that acts as an interactive arm of the R&D World Council. Our group, comprised exclusively of volunteers, hosts speaker events, informal group discussions, social gatherings, a book club and other networking opportunities. Come to an event to learn more!
    • R&D World Forum Connect:
      • Join us the first Tuesday of each month for informal discussions about international topics, while expanding your networks and making new friends. Learn more about the group’s activities by attending a meeting or contact the Membership Chair for more information.
    • R&D Global Town Hall:
      • We convene the second Monday of each month for an in-depth discussion of a pressing international issue. For this month’s topic, check out the event listing or contact the R&D World Forum Chair for more information.
    • Programs and Receptions:
      • We develop and hosts various events throughout the year, ranging from large public programs to internationally themed receptions and networking events. To learn more, contact the Vice Chair.
    • Book Club
      • Our Book Club meets on the last Sunday of each month from 11:00 AM to noon at Books Inc. The Club reads both fiction and non-fiction books with global themes. For more information, please email BookClub
  5. Global Donors Forum:
    • Building a Global Community of Donors and Investors Committed to Research/Development and International Causes.


The Institute is an association of academics and researchers from all over the world. To view the list of our members, please click here. As a member of the association you can participate to a number of activities.

To join the Institute please download and complete the Membership Form and return to


  1. R&D Fellow
  2. Honorary Fellowship
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