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Target programs  is a complex of the projects/events directed to a gaining particular aims and objects in relation with a development of the Institute. Projects initiated by R&D Schools of the Institute to create favorable conditions for providing high-quality academic activities, promotion of new teaching and instruction modes/methods, development of innovative education environment focused on public needs.These programs are considered to be the ones the Fund seeks funding for. Currently, we work on an implementation of the following programs:

  • R&D Programs
  • R&D Labs
  • Innovate America, Enterprise America
  • Social Development
  • Research Library
  • R&D Conferences
  • R&D Publications
  • Student Research
  • Scholarships, Research Fellowships
  • ENDOWMENT – a mechanism providing long-term and stable source of financing of significant R&D, educational, scientific and other programs of the Institute on the basis of accruement of endowment invested by Fund Founders and sponsors/benefactors.










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