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It is the establishment of IIRND® Chapters across the globe that will enable the progression and recognition of the IIRND® Chapters will provide local members and any interested parties in the area with information about all IIRND® goals and objectives, services and products and membership benefits.

Chapters will be organized by a minimum of three IIRND® members that have met all of the requirements stipulated in the IIRND® Chapter Agreement. If you are an IIRND®  member, and are interested in setting up a Chapter in your area please refer to Chapter requirements and Chapter setup page on our website for further information.

Campus/Chapter Benefits
Local networking opportunities
Local networking opportunities with marketing professionals IIRND® members.  IIRND® Chapters will enhance membership experience through the implementation of regular meetings, educational courses and social functions. These events will give individuals a chance to meet with marketing professionals and IIRND® members in their local region and gain opportunities toward personal and professional development.
Provide Resources specific to local area:
In addition to the benefits available through the IIRND® membership, Chapters will provide resources specific to local interests. IIRND® Chapters will be establishing their own websites, publications and local membership directories, and provide employment referral services. IIRND® Chapter resources will provide individuals with invaluable information and networking opportunities in order to advance in their professional careers.
Sharing with local peers:
It is through meetings and events at local IIRND® Chapters that will give individuals an opportunity to talk with peers about contemporary marketing issues and challenges faced by the industry. Chapter involvement will allow IIRND® members to interact with peers on a personal level and thus enhance their membership experience.

Leadership opportunities:
Chapter involvement will allow members and volunteers to contribute in areas such as program and event planning, marketing, web development and member recruitment. With the participation of IIRND® programs, individuals will be able to develop and build upon their leadership skills. The personal development of leadership skills through the involvement of IIRND® programs will allow individuals to apply such skills in their professional careers.

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